Five Star Bets for Friday 4th June:

4.30 Epsom: Zeyaadah 5/1 & Snowfall 11/2
4.50 Catterick: Motaawaazy 6/1 & God of Dreams 4/1
7.40 Bath: Eye Of Heaven 6/1 & Beyond Equal 5/2

Advised Bet: 12 Each Way Doubles & 8 Each Way Trebles

2 Responses

    1. That’s frustrating. If the bet is placed already, the doubles revolving around Beyond Equal become singles and the trebles become doubles.

      If you have not yet placed the bet, we’d suggest just concentrating on the two other races, so 4 each way singles and 4 each way doubles.
      As the Bath race now only has 7 runners, so each way is only top 2 places.

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